Linda Lighton sculpture

Linda Lighton's TAKING AIM

February 5th - May 8th, 2019 Human Rights Institute at Kean University, Union, New Jersey curated by Tanya Hartman Catalog

TAKING AIM: exhibition features 22 ceramic works from the artist's studio spanning the past 14 years.

Linda Lighton is a prolific artist who creates without reticence. She has always addressed social and cultural topics, in particular the infinite nuances of sexuality, repression, gender, power, control and desire across cultures. The scope of her vision embraces the bodily and the auto-biographical as well as a direct critique of the impact of gun violence in our time. The brutality that Lighton references in this exhibition is directly connected to a materialistic love of weaponry, its proliferation in homes across the United States and a disconnection between easy trigger fingers and tragic consequences.

In this show, Lighton links gun violence to violence against women, and then connects both ideas to capitalist greed and the human preoccupation with power, control and status. Taking Aim is directly and specifically about American culture, and the impact of gun ownership across an increasingly aggressive, deracinated and unstable society, forcing the viewer to become an unwitting participant in the dilemma that is at the heart of American culture today: that we are attracted to violence, and ashamed of our collusion in its prevalence. Lighton worries that there is a slow erosion of Democracy because of America’s unwillingness to relinquish firearms.

Great artists make works that address the culture in which they live. Through the repeated motifs of the gun, the flower and the bullet, Lighton presents the viewer with a visual representation of the conflicted psyche at the heart of the national debate on the right to bear arms.

- Tanya Hartman, Curator


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